Responsive Web Design for Online Perfume E-Commerce Store

Is  the ability to display a website clearly on any size screen. whether the website is being viewed computer, or on a tablet or smart phone with an even smaller screen. The content should “respond” appropriately to the screen size.
Many healthcare websites, provide information about location, hours, and services available. Responsive Web Design optimizes this information for mobile devices. The navigation should be intuitive and easy to find.

Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery is a small medical practice specializing in cosmetic skin and beautification procedures. Dr. Gael DeRouin specializes in working with patients on problem areas, developing a process that will maximize returns while minimizing pain, discomfort, and healing time.

The website is designed with a soft, comforting color scheme with lighter shades of grey and green. Images showcase actual patients, before and after results, facilities, and staff. Navigation is simple with clear headlines and layout. The website is search engine optimized for cosmetic surgical procedures in the geographic area, promoting targeted and convertible website traffic. The website has proven to be an effective showcase of the practice as well as a tool for business generation.