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We’ve heard the advice from all sides: “Invest in a great logo”. But what makes them so important? While it may seem obvious to many, there are entrepreneurs and smaller business owners who don’t really know why logos are so important.

In it’s simplest form, your logo is a visual mark, a design, emblem, or icon that serves to identify your organization. Of course, your brand is much more than your company name and a logo, but the logo is certainly a big part of the equation. It’s a visual cornerstone.

Why do I need a logo?

A logo’s most important job is to help prospects and customers identify your company and attract attention to your business and its products and services.

The best logos are clean, memorable, and simple. Take a look around and note just how many logos you’re confronted with in your daily life. They serve to remind you what kind of computer you’re using, the shoes you’re wearing, and the car you’re driving.

Another important function of a logo is to attract attention to your business and its products and services. They serve to catch peoples’ eyes, and great logos are immediately associated with certain brands – whether they appear on a pencil or on a billboard.

One of the best features of a good logo is that it’s completely unique (assuming you’re not using standardized templates). Your logo can only be associated with your business – nobody else’s. Because of this, you have an opportunity to create a unique first impression. It’s the first line of defense against your competition and it will serve as the very first difference your customers will notice between you and the others.

This is why it’s important to avoid generic, copied, or cliché logo designs? Contact our Logo Design Group Phoenix to get a quote.

Logo design is fairly subjective – everyone is going to have differing opinions. That said, a well designed logo will always be:

1. Unique – Just like your company, there’s nothing like it anywhere

2. Clean – A visual representation of the very essence of your company, without trying to show/say too much

3. Versatile – A good logo can work well in any size (from billboards to pens) and in all sorts of media (print, digital, embroidery)

4. Memorable – Good imagery will strike a chord with your audience and immediate association with your company

5. Timeless – Will your logo be relevant in 10, 20, 100 years?

Your logo is the very first connection you’ll likely have with prospective clients and customers, and a chance to make a powerful first impression.

There’s a big difference between overly simple and minimalistic. Simple designs are to be avoided because they tend to be more commonplace, overused, and they are just not very memorable.

Should my logo be simple?

Minimalist designs are hugely popular for good reason. They are carefully crafted to capture the essence of the group they represent (think Nike and Apple). They are eye-catching, timeless, and memorable – yet still serve as highly creative pieces.

Complex and ornate designs have been replaced with a trend toward minimalism in recent decades – modern concepts that convey emotional messages without forgoing originality.

Another logical reason that modern businesses are transitioning to minimalist design is that they can always logically fit into current corporate designs.

Companies which find their existing brand is becoming outdated or tired may consider looking around at what other businesses are doing to modernize their logo and collateral materials.

Color schemes, catch phrases, fonts and other design aesthetics can remain in place while the logo gets a refresher.

Our Logo Design Group Phoenix can give you some ideas on simple logos for your company

A company logo is the cornerstone of every design element for the brand. While there are plenty of factors that go into a well-crafted logo, color is probably the most important of all.

Consumers tend to rank color above all other attributes like sound, smell and texture when judging products.

Even if they’re not thinking about it, colors tend to be associated with different feelings. Positive color association will most certainly affect brand recognition, consumer judgement and the overall impact that your logo has.

Think of all the places where your logo will appear – printed on paperwork, business cards, on your website, billboards, and perhaps on physical products. Vector files enable resizing without any loss of resolution, shape or clarity.

There are a variety of logo formats required for each of these mediums and many others. As tempting as it may be to request complex illustrations and imagery in your logo, JPG or Photoshop formats are just not going to work.

A properly designed vector image will allow you to shrink and expand your logo for print on the side of a pen, all the way up to banners hanging from buildings.

Rather than using templates or copying other famous brands, your company mark must be unique.

Good logos often stem from much deeper core values found within an organization.

This is why so many great logos have secret stories or hidden origins behind their designs. The art lies in taking the time to sufficiently investigate and discover these hidden meanings before the logo is created.

A great logo will organically arise from the things that make your company universally unique.

Logo Design Group Phoenix can help you by designing the best logo for you.

The short answer is you don’t. Logos need to be vectorized so that they can be sized without loss of quality or shape.

Special software and technical skills are required to vectorize an image. If you’re at all serious about your company, this is not something to take on by yourself.

It is extremely costly and interruptive to change logo and corporate design later in the game when you are established.

Spending a few hundred dollars now to have it done right will save you a ton of hassle and perhaps thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to make changes in a few years.

It depends on the project, but we can usually value engineer most projects to suit different budgets.

Most of the time, a new logo requirement comes along with other marketing or advertising needs. Often, if we’re partnering with your company to develop other things like a website redesign, digital marketing strategy, or otherwise, we’ll simply include logo design and collateral material design (business cards, letterhead, etc.) into the game plan.

Your company logo is absolutely the cornerstone of your brand, and we always need to ensure that it flows seamlessly into every area of your marketing.

That said, if all you’re looking for is a new logo, we can handle that as well. Depending on the level of research required, planning sessions, and design iterations, costs usually range from $300 – $1,800.

When you look at some of the most memorable logos in the world – FedEx, Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple – they have some key characteristics in common. They are all very clean, understated yet easily identifiable, and they all foster very positive brand association.

Consumers are more likely to do business with brands that create a sense of respect, positivity and trustworthiness.

Logos with these attributes simply drive more business than those which are not exuding feelings or trust, innovation and competency – and when a design evokes emotion, it’s going to be worth remembering!

Check out our Logo Design Group Phoenix logo examples.

  1. Think about why you need a logo.
  2. Define how your product or service is special.
  3. Create a slogan if you need.
  4. Analyse at your competition – don’t copy.
  5. Find your style.
  6. Simplify. Make sure it fits on a pen.
  7. Learn about the meaning of your color.
  8. Read all you can about typography.
  9. Make sure white spaces are in harmony.
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