Website Design & Online Marketing Process

  • Communication

    We invest A LOT of time on the front end of every project to insure the lines of communication are wide open. No design agency will ever know as much about your company as you do, but we need to learn a lot about your goals and plans before we can provide real insights and recommended solutions. By the time we decide to do business together, both parties will have a deep understanding of game plan and expectations.

    We also recognize that our clients have many items on their daily “To Do” lists beyond constructing websites. Our development process is designed to provide you with the utmost control over the design, appearance, functionality, branding, operation, and overall capabilities of your company website; meanwhile freeing you up to take on all of the other responsibilities you may have.  

  • Detailed Project Proposal

    While we certainly appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business, we understand that Web Design Phoenix may not be the only design company you are considering. It is our intention to arm you with all the information you’ll need to compare your options, understand the process, and make an educated business decision. We’ll endeavor to provide you with the most comprehensive proposal possible, outlining specifically what you will be receiving and what the cost will be.

  • Design

    Once the project details are agreed upon and a Service Agreement has been executed, our website design team will begin developing the aesthetics, look, and layout of your website. It’s our policy to get you up and running quickly in order to begin tracking actual user data. Web Design Phoenix will present options for your review, communicate with you on what you like, don’t like, what competitor websites are doing, and how your site might be best presented. All of our websites are custom built to client specifications. Before any programming takes place, we will work with you on the design of your website until all of your tastes and branding requirements are satisfied. Again, because “design” is so subjective, we encourage communication with you to help us hone in on a presentation ideally suited to your needs.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Meetings and conference calls at regular intervals allow for continuous planning and evaluation of website performance. Our teams and your teams will mutually decide on which design activities are going to be most impactful, typically in monthly design sprints. Real user data will help arm everyone with the information needed to determine (rather than guess) what is working well and what isn’t. The goal is to contually deliver an experience that resonates with your intended audience. Through these continual improvement cycles, your website will never fall out of style, and will always remain accurate, complete and relevant for your ideal customers.

  • Support, Security and Ongoing Maintenance

    Web Design Phoenix stands ready to fill in whatever gaps you need to ensure that your website remains relevant, accurate and effective. You will always have the ability to turn over tasks in content management, security updates, functional updates, hosting service, search engine optimization, and other ongoing maintenance duties. Our team of professionals are capable of handling everything for you, or training your staff to handle these areas yourself.