Website Training

We will conduct a comprehensive training session for your organization’s designated administrator(s) either in person or over telephone/Skype. This training session comes at no charge and covers all content management, back office accounting, and ongoing administrative operations. As a testament to the usability of our system, this training session normally takes between 15 – 30 minutes of your time. As a further testament to the faith we have in our product, we offer unlimited phone and/or internet assistance to all active clients at no charge.

Unlimited Phone Support

Webdesign Phoenix offers unlimited telephone and internet/Skype assistance to all active clients at no charge. Text, images, plug-ins, forms, and entire pages are easily added, deleted, edited, relocated, reproduced, or hidden. Users may preview all changes before “going live” online. Your administrator(s) can learn to use this powerful tool in a matter of minutes, but if there are any questions, we’re always here to help! 

Online Tutorial Library

We offer all of our clients complete access to our library of online tutorials. These simple videos demonstrate and explain in simple terms how to use all of the features included in your website. Any time you need a “refresher course”, you’ll be able to access these videos at any time.