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Your Website Redesign Process – A Value Driven Approach is Best

It’s no wonder why companies DREAD redesigning their website. This guide outlines how the traditional approach to website building is fraught with unnecessary business risk, headaches and overspending – all without any real guarantee you’ll ever see results. We’re going to explain all the things you should be doing to protect your business when it comes time to design or redesign your website.

Does this Sound Familiar?

Traditionally, the website redesign process used to go something like this: 

  1. An organization recognizes that their current website is outdated, ugly or ineffective (or nonexistent for some).
  2. Get some quotes and hire a design firm. Write a big check – which was typically 50% of the overall project cost.
  3. Pull people away from their work and bring all hands on deck for some months. Exchange strategic and creative ideas in a diligent effort to make sure you’re crafting the perfect representation of your company – with all the bells and whistles. Trust the expert advice of your design firm.
  4. Launch your amazing new website and pay remainder of fee to your design firm.
  5. Everyone high fives each other and goes back to their “real job”.
  6. Website slowly degrades in accuracy and aesthetic appeal over the next 2 years or so.
  7. Circle back to step 1 – process repeats all over again.

Your Website Redesign Might Be a Bad Business Decision

The traditional website development model is totally broken. Beside the fact that most traditionally designed websites do not produce optimal results, the whole endeavor is fraught with completely unnecessary risk to your business and your finances. Seriously, in this environment, you’re taking risks that you’d never agree to in any other area of business. 

  • You’re writing huge checks without knowing exactly what you’re getting, or if it’ll ever pay off for you
  • Time to market can be very slow, uncertain and often delayed
  • You’re interrupting staff and normal business activity big time
  • You’re placing your full trust in someone (design agency) who doesn’t know much about your organizational environment and can’t possibly know what will perform optimally for you
  • You’re making important business decisions based on theory and conjecture, rather than real world performance data
  • Contractually, you’re opening yourself up to unknown hidden costs and potentially severely incomplete sets of deliverables
  • You could find yourself beholden to just 1 person or company who can help you if things go wrong (very dangerous if they’re unscrupulous or go out of business)

A Better Way

This guide is for anyone who isn’t happy with the results they are seeing from their current website, or anyone who’s been through a “website redesign nightmare”.

It’s time to take a step back and challenge the fact that your website has to be riddled with uncertainty, risk, vague fee structures, and headaches.

There is a much better way. We’ll break down exactly what’s wrong with a traditional approach to web design and tee up a better process for you: Value Driven Design.

Value Driven Design, also known as Growth Driven Design is an evolved approach to website building. The turning point comes when businesses start thinking about their online presence as a PROCESS rather than a PROJECT.

Instead of an enormous buildout requiring huge financial and resource outlay, Value Driven Design is quick to market, agile, data-driven, always relevant, and right on budget.

We’re going to explain how Value Driven Design works, why traditional design doesn’t, and all the things you should be doing to protect your business when it comes time to design or redesign your website.

Guide to Redesigning Your Website

The Launch Phase

Continuous Improvement Phase

Final Thoughts & Steps to Take