Checklist for Marketing Best Practices


Take our free online marketing self-evaluation to figure out what your company is doing well, and also where may be some opportunities. This quick overview often helps uncover some “quick wins” in your marketing plan to help you immediately.

It’ll take you 5 minutes to answer some yes/no questions – a great tool that we typically reserve for our new clients to help uncover strong and weak areas in their online marketing presence.

Checklist for Marketing Best Practices

  1. Company identity and defining your niche market position
  2. Discovering your competition, value proposition, and selling points
  3. SEO strategy and generating website traffic
  4. Social media strategy
  5. Converting strangers into qualified leads
  6. Converting leads into customers
  7. Reporting and learning from results
  8. Marketing challenges and goals for future growth

Maybe you’re attracting a ton of website traffic, but aren’t converting any of those strangers into qualfied leads. Alternatively, maybe some data and analytics tracking would help to inform future design and business decisions.

We haven’t come across a company yet that is doing everything on our checklist, but everyone who goes through this exercise gathers some fresh ideas and perspective. Give it a try.