• Advantages of Automation

    We enable organizations to automate the entire fundraising process. Automation enables organizations to scale their efforts without incurring additional costs for staffing, marketing and logistics. Through minimizing operating expenses, organizations now have the ability to generate more dollars for their bottom line – where it counts. With expanded circles of influence, organizations can leverage and grow their top line (gross revenues) like never before as well. No longer is it necessary to use up valuable time and resources setting up and promoting your initiatives, collecting and depositing contributions, sending receipts and thank-you letters, documenting and accounting for all of the finances and benefits of your work…we’ll do that for you!

  • Real Time Fundraising Leaderboards

    All donations are accepted and tabulated in real time as they occur. Individuals and teams of fundraisers, as well as the organization as a whole will accurately maintain a visible record of all contributions received in the current campaign, past events, and all historical totals. This mechanism poses unlimited opportunities for organizations to set up incentive programs or competitions internally. Rewards for leading performers provide great motivation to get folks actively involved. From a public relations standpoint, historical totals help to demonstrate enormous credibility for your organization. You should be broadcasting to the world all of the good things coming from your efforts!

  • Offline Donation Process

    Despite all of the automation, some people still want to donate with good old-fashioned cash or checks. Web Design Phoenix has developed an automated process for these circumstances as well. These “paper” donations are accounted for, tabulated on leaderboards, and upon deposit, are available directly in your specified account for disbursement.

  • Online Fund Collection and Receipts

    Every Fundraising website comes equipped with a fund collection mechanism ideally suited for taking your fundraising process online. It is no longer necessary to manually retrieve and account for checks or cash. These services are administered by PayPal, perhaps the most reliable and trustworthy name in online commerce, and integrated seamlessly into your organization’s branded website. Contributions can be made with any major credit card or through a PayPal account. Funds are channeled directly into your organization’s designated private account for immediate disbursement as you see fit. Donation receipts and a personalized thank you letter are automatically generated and emailed instantly to contributors. It’s that easy.

  • Online Terms and Conditions

    All users of your Fundraising website must review and agree to a series of terms and conditions before conducting any business. Some terms and conditions are set forth by Webdesign Phoenix specifically to regulate “behavior” on the website. For example, vulgarity or slanderous remarks are not permitted. Other regulations may be dictated by your organization further regulating conditions of participation, instructions, incentive programs, etc. All users must check the box(es) indicating that they have reviewed and agree to these terms before being granted permission to use your website. These forms may also be printed at any time for reference. It is in everyone’s best interests to disallow any inappropriate conduct or remove offending individuals from participation.

  • Data Collection

    As you prefer, as much or as little information can be retained through your Fundraising website including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses, titles, etc. for all donors, fundraisers, and other users of the website. In the interest of privacy, users of the website can indicate which pieces of information may or may not be posted or retained on the website. As your website is being constructed, you’ll be able to designate which data items will be important to you and your operation.

  • Automated Registrations

    All users of your Fundraising website will be able to register for participation directly through the website. All instructions and regulations can be posted on the site. There is no need for expensive mailers or paper trails to get people involved. The process is simple, clean and easy…computer expertise is certainly not required. Necessary information for display on personal pages and also for back office record keeping will be included in forms which you can help design. A password protected, branded and customizable individual page can be set up in just a couple minutes and requires no manual assistance.

  • Complete Accounting

    Fundraising websites precisely account for every transaction in real time as they occur. Our back office accounting system enables administrators to review and monitor these transactions in a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. Information is maintained on all donated amounts, payment methods (no credit card information is retained for security purposes), individuals involved in the transaction, “earmarks” for contribution disbursements, and all sorts of other information as your organization deems necessary.