“No Cost” Fee Structure

We will construct a fully operational, branded, customized website designed for online fundraising at no out-of-pocket cost for qualified applicants. For our Fundraising websites, we bill on a contingency basis as funds are generated and pass through the website’s fund collection mechanism.

At the tail end of your campaign, or as agreed upon, Webdesign Phoenix will invoice for a small percentage of funds received through the website. These fees are the only costs you will incur for the design, construction, training, and maintenance of your fundraising website as per your service agreement. There is no out of pocket expense or up front cost for qualified organizations. Under this scenario, nobody makes any money unless your program succeeds!

Our Continued Motivation to Help

As a result of our contingency-only fee structure, we have a distinct and ongoing incentive to work for your continued growth and success. Unlike in a system where a fee is paid up front, we don’t make any money until you start making money. This is intentional on our part and carries several advantages for you:

1. There is no risk to you. You don’t pay us any money until your first donation is received.

2. We want you to know with certainty that we have “skin in the game” and that any ideas you have that may improve your ability to succeed will be considered with an open mind. Sensible client ideas relating to marketing, programming or reprogramming of their website, design of collateral materials, etc. are often produced by Webdesign Phoenix at no charge to our clients.

3. As a result of ongoing collaboration with our clients, we often find ourselves in the position of an objective advisor with the ability to help organizations make important fundraising decisions based on concrete experience.

4. We continually solicit feedback through partnership with our clients, enabling growth and improvement to happen perpetually. Our product has continued to evolve over time, keeping pace with rapidly changing internet trends and pricing.

Graphic Design and Collateral Materials

Again, as a result of our fee structure and our incentive to see your programs succeed, we will often go to great lengths to help our clients implement new fundraising ideas and initiatives. This often includes web-based mechanism or programming. Furthermore, we want you to know that our graphic designers are available to help produce posters, flyers and other collateral materials for you to generate interest in your campaigns. If we all think that the effort will generate more contribution dollars for you, we’ll do it for free!