Schools and Education

In the world of public education many schools are finding themselves short on funding, particularly for supplemental and extracurricular activities. Most schools are failing to capitalize on tax credit laws (AZ) allowing for a dollar-for-dollar credit to donors contributing to educational endeavors. Those who are actively seeking these donations are not nearly as efficient as they could be.

Webdesign Phoenix has designed websites to help schools and other academic institutions raise more money online through what we call “engaging the masses”. Our product is ideally suited for schools with large numbers of faculty, coaches, students, followers and/or supporters who could be incentivized to become fundraisers themselves. With a simple plan in place, you’re able to organize EVERYONE in your system and help them raise money for programs they care about. Schools can tap into unlimited circles of influence and support online. It’s easy keeping everyone motivated through rewards programs, fundraising contests, or the promise that funds will be directed to their specific initiatives…the French class can go to Paris, the Football team can get new uniforms,  or department heads can gain funding for larger projects.

Contributions are often credited back to donors 100% in reduced tax obligation. This is a no-brainer…but people need to know about it and schools need to get organized!

At no up front cost, all of the logistics are handled in and through your Fundraising website with minimal administration required. Your site takes care of communicating with your staff and fundraisers, automated registration processes, fund collection and tabulation, earmarking contributions for specific purposes, fundraising leaders and contest winners, historical successes, automated thank you letters and donation receipts, highlighting future initiatives, appropriately showcasing your programs and adding credibility to your operation, contact information, and anything else you may require…literally.

The steps are simple and we’ll help you however you need. Remember, we don’t make money unless your school makes money…we’re always going to be eager to do the things that will help your program succeed:

1. We learn about your school processes, current programs, and build you a fully functional, professionally designed, branded website for FREE…and we train you how to use it.

2. We help you communicate your initiatives to all of the people you’d like to get involved. We’ll design posters, flyers, pdf presentations, additional website programming and otherwise to help you achieve peak participation from “the masses”…however you want us to.

3. Fundraising participants log in and set up their own pages complete with personalized messages, photos, donation collection and tracking mechanisms, personalized thank you letters, and data collection.

4. Participants contact their friends, family, and others through email, social media or otherwise and direct them to their personal pages for support through charitable contributions.

5. Online donations are directed to your school’s private account for disbursement however you see fit. Monies can be earmarked for specific purposes automatically.

6. Leaderboards and real-time tracking allow for incentive programs, rewards, and contests among participants. Historical tabulations and newsworthy events are easily transitioned into public relations opportunities or highlighting a job well done to your school board.

7. On an ongoing basis, you can let us know what you need to help your program grow…we’ll likely build it for Free!