Showcasing your Operation

Your Fundraising website will serve as a true showcase for all of your organization’s fundraising efforts. Branded with your logo and corporate design, real-time leaderboards will show all gross funds received. New pages can be easily created and updated to highlight and present upcoming events, new initiatives, or past successes. All of the individuals involved can be properly recognized or encouraged to develop their own personally customized page to showcase their own efforts. Beneficiaries such as charities, organizations, projects, or individuals can be identified. The benefits of your organization’s efforts, whether in your community or globally, can shine. Properly and professionally showcasing your organization and all those involved lends itself to invaluable credibility and unlimited potential growth.

Promotion and Communication

Your website includes a level of Search Engine Optimization that will lead to more site visits, more interest and more credibility for your endeavors. Your organization’s website will serve as a true showcase for the causes you seek to support and your organization’s overall circle of influence will expand exponentially. Also through your Fundraising website, you’ll be able to market your campaigns through e-newsletters, email, or compose fillable PDF letters for print or digital distribution.

Search Engine Optimization

Accredited in Search Engine Optimization Experts will incorporate appropriate meta tags, keywords, and descriptions generating increased traffic and enabling your website to be easily found by major search engines and directories.

Public Relations

Webdesign Phoenix has formed strategic partnerships with public relations firms who are capable of spreading the word about your accomplishments. We all have a distinct interest in helping people and raise money for worthy causes, but why not seek out appropriate recognition? In many cases, our partnering firms will provide a degree of public relations consulting free of charge. We’ll help you gain notoriety in newspapers, magazines or on television where appropriate. We’ll help you shout the good things you’re doing from the rooftops!