What’s a Cheetah’s Top Running Speed?

matt Cuts google search engine ranking

Matt Cutts is the man…

Why? Because he works at Google and that’s pretty cool for starters.

Beyond that, he’s their SEO guru…and he’s really good at explaining geeky stuff in terms that humans can understand.

I’m gonna send you to one of his videos in just a second…

So, everyone wants more web traffic right? It’s the sexy metric isn’t it?

We get a ton of questions about Search Engine Optimization. How can my website get ranked higher? We want to be #1 in Google…can you help us get there?

Maybe. You’re not the only one who wants to be number one…plus,

SEO definitely isn’t the best strategy for everyone.

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there. And a bunch of wasted effort and expense to be honest.

For example, we do some work for a company that sells disposable medical devices directly to hospitals (syringes, gloves, coats, etc.).

They’ve got a team of sales reps calling on their clients and their website serves kind of like a digital drive-thru window… “Can I take your order please”

Nobody searches for their stuff online

We’d be crazy to recommend SEO for them. When was the last time you googled “blood collection systems”?

Their ideal clients just aren’t poking around on Google or hanging out on facebook, so these strategies are a waste of time.

But honestly, these guys are in the minority. Think of how you find and buy stuff nowadays. It’s pretty rare that you choose to do business with someone without a simple web search.

Okay, here’s Matt’s video about how Google Searches work.

You gotta watch it to find out a cheetah’s top running speed (just kidding…you can just Google it).

Even if you’re not interested in SEO at all, it’s pretty cool to see how smart Google can be…