How about my people talk to your people?


Quick best practice share for you…

So, we’ve developed some really cool appointment booking stuff lately for some of our clients.

If you’ve tried to find some time to talk with me, you’ve probably noticed that we’re using the system too.

It’s awesome – no more of this:

“Hey, do you have any time this week?”

“Sure, send me some days and times you’re available and I’ll get back to you”

“None of those days work, any other days?”

You get it…back and forth…total waste of time.

Instead, just add your appointments to your site like my buddy Brendon Elliot and his team of golf instructors at Little Linksters. They’re golf pros giving lessons to kids…they book everything and accept payments in advance right on their site. Really cool.

By the way, Brendon just earned the PGA’s National Award this year for Junior Golf Development…good stuff.

…Or just send someone a an email with a little something like this:

Here’s a link to carve out some time with me to talk about online appointment booking on your site.

Or add a link to your email signature…

See what I did there? ;)

It connects with your personal calendar…no conflicts…and when someone books time, it’ll just appear on your schedule.

Huge time saver…and an effective lead conversion mechanism for some sites.

Cool stuff…