The Secret Marketing Formula


This super complex diagram illustrates the world’s most powerful marketing formula of all time. Just kidding…it’s not that complex (or drawn to scale either)…

But it is powerful in its simplicity. Here’s the premise…by the way, I can’t take responsibility for this tremendous artwork or the concept itself. My buddy Russel Brunson is the mastermind.

The Secret Marketing Formula


Step 1: Who is your ideal customer?

What kind of fish is it…an 18-year old kid, a 55-year old corporate executive, a small business doing between $1 and $5 million dollars per year? Here’s a link to create buyer personas if you need help with this part.

Step 2: Where are they hanging out?

Are they fiddling around on Facebook? Are they driving in their car? Are they at their office computer Googling stuff?

Last week we talked about one of our clients selling medical devices to hospitals. Their buyers aren’t Googling or Facebooking…they’re running around all day inside hospitals. That means SEO or Facebook ads won’t work…they need sales reps to physically visit them.

Step 3: What kind of bait are you going to use to attract them?

Maybe it’s printed catalogue or brochure. You could offer a cool ebook on your website to compel them to sign up for your mailing list. Maybe you host an informative webinar, a podcast, or invite a decision-maker to play some golf. What are your targets interested in, and what would entice them to take some sort of action?

Step 4: Where are you going to take them?

What is the absolute best way you can possibly serve them? What’s the end destination for your ideal customer? …this could be months, years, decades down the road.

Let’s say you’re an auto manufacturer. Your ideal entry level customer may be a 35-year old male making $65-80k per year. Your bait is a good value SUV because your customer has a young family. Over the years, the kids grow up and he’s got more disposable income. Your end destination is to eventually get him into your top-of-the line $130,000 sports car when he turns 60.

…Or maybe you’re in business consulting. The best way you can serve your top clients is with a fully immersive 1-week on-site evaluation for $50,000. You may not be able to sell this until you earn trust and deliver results with smaller plans, but incremental steps can lead them there.

So, it’s really that simple as you look at your own marketing…

Go ahead and draw some stick figures if you need to.

• Figure out what kind of customers you’re hoping to catch.
• Where are they hanging out?
• What kind of bait will work best?
• Where do you want to take them (how can you serve them in the best possible way)?