Take Your Pick: Online or for Download

Measuring marketing success can be really challenging. With all the players and moving parts involved with a sale, it’s often really difficult to figure out where things are going.

The mathematics of marketing is actually quite simple.

We use these simple calculations for our clients every week at least, and now we’re turning over the secret sauce to you. It’s actually it’s quite underwhelming when you see it, but some of the best tools are the simplest ones.

We’ve got two separate marketing calculators for you to choose from. Both will help you calculate how many new customers, new leads, and total website traffic you’ll need to generate in order to achieve the sales goals you set.

If you want to bring in a million dollars in revenue every month, great! …but logically it’ll take a certain number of new customers to do this. Working backwards, you’ll need to generate so many new leads on a regular basis to get those customers. Still further, you’ll need to attract an even great number of website visitors (strangers) that you’ll be able to convert into the leads you need.

Using this data, you can find your weaknesses and figure out which areas of your sales funnel needs work. Maybe you need to boost your Search Engine Optimization efforts, or if conversion rates are low, you might want to focus on lead conversion path building. If you’r ramping up and looking to grow, here’s a great article that discusses the outsourced lead generation vs. handling inbound marketing yourself.

The online calculator is a quick and easy way to figure out how many customers, leads, and website visits you’ll need based on the sales goals you set and close rates.

The excel template is slightly more comprehensive, and you’ll have the ability to access any time you want.

Either way, you’ll benefit from knowing what is required from your marketing activities and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We hope you find these tools helpful.

If you’d like us to review your site and your marketing efforts, we’re glad to offer some suggestions…no strings attached. There are often some low hanging fruit that can serve as quick wins for most companies.

Good luck!