Building websites the old fashioned way means too much up front cost without knowing what you’re getting or whether it will be effective. Projects are often delivered late and well over budget. Sites are neglected, degrading in value after original launch. Design decisions are based on opinions rather than real data…all a big recipe for frustration and poor results. There’s a better web design process out there. 

Your Website Redesign Process has to be Value Driven

This ebook goes into detail about all the risks associated with the website redesign process and exactly how you can shift much of this risk to the other side of the table.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • Why traditional website design process is broken
  • Why you should never have to go through a website redesign ever again
  • Why Value Driven Design is the way to go
  • Outlining all the risks businesses take with traditional website design
  • The two phases of the value driven website design process.