Admittedly, our own company website needs a ton of work on how we deliver our message and value prop…it’s always a battle right? Maybe my findings (and past mistakes) will help you as well.

In researching website copy, and some of our competitors, I stumbled on a site that had the word “we” written 33 times…just on their homepage. A clear example of what not to do, although all of us seem to fall into this (myself included) as our own point of view seems to be the path of least resistance.

First-person language—“I”, “we”, “us”, and “ours”—is great when you’re narrating a story, but it’s not the best choice for your website. Remember that your website isn’t about you—it’s about your customers and solving their problems.

For example, when crafting your value proposition and other site copy, avoid saying, “We solve your problems by doing x, y, and z,” because that makes it about you.

Instead, say something like: “You need a solution that can x, y, and z, and we’re here to help.” Flipping the script will also make you stand out from the competition, who, let’s be honest, can be a little self-involved.

Good luck!