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Here’s our basic guide to kickstarting a search engine optimization process for your website…How to SEO. Search engines are getting smarter, and the old “tricks” don’t work. Develop some sound strategy for writing content and formatting your pages so that both search engines and humans love it!

Here’s what we cover:

  • What is Search Engine Optimization? – How do search engines work and how do they know about what the internet is talking about? Who do the search engines care about most and how that affects your strategy.
  • How can my website rank higher in Google searches? – What is search ranking and what factors help you rank higher? What is the value of showing up on the first page of Google results?
  • What’s the difference between organic and paid results? – Does paying for positioning make sense? How do you compete for organic results? Which is better?
  • How to research and select keywords – You can’t rank #1 for everything, so how do you target which searches you want to win? How many searches take place? What kind of competition is there? What benefit is there for ranking high?
  • What is semantic search and why does it matter? – Search engines are getting smarter…they’re accounting for what searchers “mean” when they type in keywords. Stuffing keywords on your pages won’t work.
  • How do I optimize pages for search engines? – What are the exact steps for creating pages that search engines will love? What elements are most important?
  • The Golden Rule of SEO – Of all the things to remember, this is the center of all modern day SEO…

It’s all in the book…along with tons of other resources to help you deliver new business for your company. Here’s anothe article on search engine optimization you might find interesting.
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