A Corporate Website Redesign
Followed by Complete Marketing Oversight

District Medical Group is a large Phoenix-based organization consisting of more than 400 medical providers and 15 locations. Annual revenues top $200 million.

Dates: 2012 – Present  |  Location: Phoenix, Arizona


In 2012, we were hired by District Medical Group to redesign their corporate website. DMG is a major medical organization in Phoenix with over 400 providers staffing Maricopa Medical Hospital and more than an dozen other clinics.

The existing website was extremely dated and lacked mobile responsiveness.

The new website requirements also included Search Engine Optimization, a searchable roster of all 400+ medical doctor profiles, landing pages for more than 100 department specialties, and other custom elements.


The corporate website redesign was such a success that Web Design Phoenix was hire to redesign and administer 2 other company website, to develop 2 private portals for internal communications, and another customized clinic website.

We have been continuously maintaining DMG’s entire online presence for nearly 10 years now.

Our process includes bi-weekly review/planning calls, and continuous refinements to keep everything updated and accurate.

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