Walla Walla University

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Walla Walla University has several campus locations in the Northwestern US.
Total student body population is just under 2,000.

Dates: 2011 – Present  |  Locations: Washington, Oregon & Montana


The existing Walla Walla University website was created by students in the TYPO3 operating system. Over many years, the site grew to be unwieldy into well over 5000 pages.

One of the biggest challenges was with user experience, especially with organization of navigation on the site. Pages had been added everywhere without consistency or structure.

Walla Walla wanted to stay with TYPO3 rather than converting everything to another system.

Typo3 Website for the Walla Walla University
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We began with a comprehensive inventory of all web pages and online assets.

We worked with their IT department to create an easy navigation for the 3 very different types of users coming to this website.

  1. The Students seeking information on courses, events and downloadable files
  2. The Parents and Students researching the University
  3. The Employees using the website for daily workflows and tasks.

We came up with several different navigations that are visually easy to grasp and a Quicklinks button for fast access to different areas for frequent website users.

We decided to stay with TYPO3 because of the detailed editor rights features it comes with and were able to redesign add mobile friendly features to the entire 5000 page websites with minimal content editing.