Mobile Responsive E-Commerce


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Nowadays, nearly 50% of e-commerce transactions are conducting from a mobile environment: smart phones, tablets, and reduced screen sizes. Mobile responsive web design is imperative if your company seeks to attract and retain these users. In some industries, particularly wholesalers or business to business transactions, there’s an even higher likelihood that your customers are operating in a mobile capacity…perhaps in a warehouse or on the road.

Mobile responsiveness is a requirement

If your website is not mobile responsive, there’s nearly an 80% chance that first time users will bounce from your site to your competitor. Your e-commerce website must accommodate mobile users in order to maximize revenues. This is no longer the exception, but the norm.

  • Highly functional mobile interfaces
  • Intelligent design and navigation
  • Finger friendly layout structures
  • Fastest refresh rates
  • More scrolling and less clicking
  • App development or home screen buttons

Mobile helps website operators

Mobile functionality is great for website operators as well. As the owner of your e-commerce website, you need to have the ability to manage inventories, review analytics and traffic data, fulfill orders, and operate your business on the fly.

Our world is getting smaller and both customers and website operators are constantly on the move. Your e-commerce website needs to allow for this trend.

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