Customer Account Management

Online Customer Account Management
  • Manage customer profiles and accounts
  • Allow clients to view order history, tracking, and delivery dates
  • Customers can manage their own account information
  • Mass upload and export registered client information
  • Offer pricing and promotions to select customer groups
  • Brand loyalty, better user experience, and more business

Our e-commerce websites can be equipped with the highest level of customer account and back end client management systems. Assuming your company aims for repeat business and intends to offer your clients the best possible user experience, these features warrant consideration. Our e-commerce websites can accommodate the following:

• Customer account setup and secure storage of vital data

• Front end account management for all registered clients

• Front end or back end registration with manual or automatic approvals

• Front and back end order tracking including tracking numbers and ship dates

• Customer grouping and custom pricing or promotion programs

• Activity tracking, transaction logs, and preferred products both viewed and purchased

• Recommended products

• Mass upload and export of customer profile information

• Special offers, shipping policies, and other for select customer groups

Strong customer profile and account systems, implemented appropriately, allow for improved shopping experience, customer loyalty, increased automation and scalability, and greater customer satisfaction. Web Design Phoenix development experts will consult with you on best practices and how your e-commerce website will serve your business and customers best.

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