SSL Certified Secure Website Hosting

SSL Certified Secure Website Hosting
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption industry standard
  • Online users look for HTTPS URL’s
  • Web Design Phoenix e-commerce sites come standard with SSL security
  • All modern e-commerce websites need to be concerned with information protection

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the industry standard for ensuring appropriate encryption and security between website servers. SSL secures connections between machines using a combination of symmetric key and public key encryption as mail and web servers communicate via the internet.

All Web Design Phoenix e-commerce website come standard with SSL certificate encryption to insure against hacking or malicious online activity, not to mention your customer’s private information and credit card data.

In layman’s terms, once two systems have been authenticated through SSL connection, cipher settings are established as well as a shared “key” used to encrypt any exchanged information for the duration of the session. This process maximizes the integrity of the system and confidentiality. This process is invisible to the user with the exception of a change in URL from HTTP to HTTPS.

Savvy users look for this whenever an exchange of private information is taking place. Any modern day e-commerce website solution must have proper SSL encryption in place or run the risk of security breach. Web Design Phoenix e-commerce sites come standard with these security features.

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