Shipping Integration & Tracking

  • Unlimited shipping rules and rate calculation
  • Complete integration with major shipping carriers
  • Real time shipping calculations
  • Allow for selection of shipping options
  • Order tracking for customers via personal account

Your shipping policies are a critical factor in a customer’s buying decisions. Web Design Phoenix will help you establish your shipping pricing rules and ensure that your customers are never surprised with additional shipping fees or charges.

Shipping rules are set up however is most appropriate for your company. We can offer a variety of shipping options from which the customer can choose…ground shipping, air, expedited, next day shipping, same day shipping, and even select for a variety of shipping companies. Your pricing can be fixed, free, contingent upon product weight, package sizes, purchase amount, or based on actual price quotes from shipping companies in real time.

Web Design Phoenix consultants can guide you with either establishing accounts with appropriate delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others. However complex or simple you would like your shipping rules to be, your e-commerce solution is equipped with the ability to calculate shipping charges and present this information to your customers. Order tracking numbers can be added to customer accounts to enable self tracking of delivery dates.

However simple or complex your shipping rules, a modern e-commerce website solution will tabulate and present this information to your customers before the final buying decision is made.

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