Up-Selling & Related Products

Recommended Products & Up-Selling Opportunities
  • Recommended products
  • Up Selling related products
  • Using social proof to attract more and larger purchases

The product information page is the final stage of product selection for your customers. This is the best opportunity to recommend related products, complementary products, or up sell other items in your shop that they might need. Perhaps they need batteries for a toy, or property sized nuts when they’re purchasing bolts. There is no better time to promote additional wares than at this stage of the buying process.

Our e-commerce websites are capable of showcasing related or suggested products however you see fit. This can be handled manually or via actual purchase data or product specifications. Our programmers can develop systems where customers are presenting with “Customers Also Purchased” rosters that serves up products most often purchased.

Depending on the nature of your business and the customers you have coming to your website, our e-commerce experts will consult with you on a strategy to help increase your average sales through recommendations and showcasing complementary products in your store. The use of social proof can be a powerful tool, when the customer learns that everyone else is purchasing product B when the buy product A.

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