There’s no denying that getting penalized by Google can seem like the end of the world but the reality is that you need to focus on repairing the damage rather than being afraid. So, no matter what Google Update has affected you, just read onward and see how you can deal with penalties.


Google Panda issues can be triggered by duplicate content, thin content, plagiarism, a poor user experience, keyword stuffing and other similar problems. Not only that, but it can also cause you to drop in search results or even getting removed from them. What you need to do here is to:

• Check your site for duplicate content and replace the duplicate with original content
• Check for plagiarism and, again, replace that with your own content
• See if there’s thin content on your site
• Start creating an audit for keyword stuffing
• Fix all the issues you find as the penalty can go away since your site will get revisited


Penguin is usually focused on removing or downranking the sites that have an unnatural link profile. If you have paid links, links that are coming from sites that are created only for SEO, from poor quality sites, overly optimized anchor text and so on, then you might be in danger of getting downranked by Penguin.

You can do the following to see if you were hit:

• See if there are any penalty risks, tools like SEO SpyGlass are a great choice here
• Try to remove all the harmful links


Hummingbird is an algorithm focused on content quality, and that’s why you need to avoid a poor user experience, keyword stuffing and exact match keyword targetings.

How to adapt to Hummingbird:

• Make your keyword research better by expanding it, try to find new keywords
• Understand and discover the audience language and focus on addressing it
• Focus on concepts rather than exact matching.


It’s an older algorithm that focuses on local search and it’s triggered by pages that are poorly optimized, which don’t have good backlinks, NAP inconsistency or which don’t have a citation for the local directories.

What you should do?

• Perform proper local optimization
• Create a Google My Business Page
• Check and ensure that the NAP consistency is there on your content
• Try to get featured in local directories
Mobile friendly update

Your site needs to have a viewport configuration, a great mobile friendliness and even support plugins. You need to focus on:

• Making your sites mobile friendly and responsive
• Take a test to see if your site is mobile friendly and adapt it properly


RankBrain is a system that was created to rank algorithm changes and it helps offer higher quality results based on stuff like machine learning and relevance. Issues can be caused by a low quality user experience and the lack of relevance features that are query-specific.

How to deal with RankBrain changes:

• Try to create a better user experience
• Understand your competition by researching them
As you can see, each Google Algorithm focuses on specific things so it all comes down to you to address the issues and either repair or prepare yourself properly. Try to focus on following our ideas and instructions, then the results will definitely pay off.

  • Fluid search results rather than rigid categorization
  • Unlimited product configurations
  • Customers find what they need immediately
  • Frustrated searches lead to lost customers
  • Intuitive search filters
  • Unlimited products

Organizing your product lines and various product configurations warrants careful consideration. Our e-commerce experts understand customer behavior as well as capabilities in website development and programming. We offer included consulting services with the aim of arranging your products most efficiently and effectively, driving sales.

Web Design Phoenix’s approach to e-commerce is perhaps a bit unique in that product categorization no longer needs to be “straight line” with rigid drop down menus and categories. Rather, the goal is to usher the user to the appropriate products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our product navigation structure and configuration filters allow for a more fluid delivery of searched items.

For example, perhaps someone wants to find all items in size medium, or everything in the color blue…or both. Alternatively, they may prefer to search by designer, price, collar style, sleeve style, material, country of origin, or any other feature. Our website allow for unlimited product features and customize search results.

All customers are different and their reasons for buying may be unique as well. Modern e-commerce websites need to be developed to accommodate these unique approaches in the most efficient means possible…or they’ll go somewhere else. We work with our clients on developing search and navigation structures best suited for their business.

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Secure Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Trusted, streamlined checkout processes
  • Transparency with company policies and pricing structures
  • SSL encryption and proven security measures
  • Mobile responsiveness for ordering on the go

E-commerce website checkout systems need to be secure, mobile responsive, and easily navigated. The buying process must instill confidence that consumer data will be protected and products will be delivered timely. Our e-commerce solutions employ a variety of shopping cart mechanisms designed to suit your customer preferences and ensure that the buying experience is seamless.

Web Design Phoenix typically recommends that information on shipping policies, pricing calculations, tax information, return policies and procedures, product guarantees, and other pertinent buying information is close at hand during the checkout process. This promotes the confidence that the customer is receiving what they intend, and there are no strings attached.

All e-commerce websites we develop allow for the integration of over 70 of the world’s leading and most trusted credit card payment gateway providers. SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certified encryption is always included. We can set this up for you so that both you and your customers rest assured that proprietary information and credit card data remains protected.

Particularly in mobile environments, the pages also need to be responsive and enable simplified order completion and shipment tracking. Whether in the office or in the field, your customers need to have easy, clear access to make the purchases they need.

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Inventory Management & Tracking
  • Track inventory across all sales channels
  • Integrate with existing accounting and OEM systems
  • Manage product lines proactively with real time data
  • Offer promotions and discounts to move excess product

Your e-commerce website will integrate seamlessly into your existing inventory tracking system. Many online sales companies place a high priority on tracking available inventory, accounting, and open-to-buy programs, and your online solution needs to accommodate these imperatives.

From a customer standpoint, it’s also important to know which items are in inventory and which items may either be unavailable or back ordered. Inventories are updated in real time across all sales channels.

Understanding inventory can help management implement product discounts and buying incentives to help remove excess inventory or make room for new product. All e-commerce websites developed by Web Design Phoenix include inventory tracking systems. This proactive, data-driven approach to e-commerce boosts sales, increases margins and grows profits for any company.

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webdesign quote
  • Custom tailored product presentation
  • Multiple images & image zoom functionality
  • Enable informed purchase decisions
  • Instill confidence and create loyalty

Your e-commerce website solution is designed showcase your product lines as efficiently and attractively as possible, in lock step with corporate branding and existing marketing campaigns. For maximum returns, your customers need to know exactly what they are buying, and all of the benefits of purchasing from your company.

This concept extends beyond professional grade photography. Our e-commerce websites allow for image zoom features, multiple images, product specifications, related products, shipping policies, tax calculations, return policies and procedures, product guarantees, and other features.

If designed correctly, your e-commerce solution makes all of this information available to customers seamlessly and quickly, instilling confidence and repeat purchases. Careful consideration from a design and programming standpoint is necessary to create the best possible user experience in desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Whether your e-commerce website is designed to attract new customers, or if it will serve as a resource for your sales teams, the buying process needs to be simple, clean, and trustworthy for your customers. When you become the best overall value proposition, including online experience, customers buy more and reman loyal.

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  • Streamline user navigation & product selection
  • Unlimited configurations
  • Unlimited products
  • Intelligent filter menus – only available options presented
  • Refined user experience retains customers

Allow your customers to find exactly what they need in as few clicks as possible. This applies to all screen sizes and mobile environments.

Our e-commerce website developers come to understand your product lines and categories, and seek to develop best possible solutions for client navigation. Our filter menus are intelligently designed, either as drop down menus, sidebars, or customer designs specific to your needs.

A proper filter menu will only show available product options as the client narrows the search. This eliminates empty results and streamlines the buying process. For example, in selecting a certain men’s shirt, all women’s shirt options are eliminated from search results. Only available sizes, colors, and designs are presented, saving your users time and energy.

Filter menus can range for simple product categorization to intricate search parameters with dozens or even hundreds of different search criteria. Website navigation and simplicity is one of the most important factors in helping your customers find what they need…keeping them engaged and preventing them from bouncing to your competitors.

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  • Unlimited shipping rules and rate calculation
  • Complete integration with major shipping carriers
  • Real time shipping calculations
  • Allow for selection of shipping options
  • Order tracking for customers via personal account

Your shipping policies are a critical factor in a customer’s buying decisions. Web Design Phoenix will help you establish your shipping pricing rules and ensure that your customers are never surprised with additional shipping fees or charges.

Shipping rules are set up however is most appropriate for your company. We can offer a variety of shipping options from which the customer can choose…ground shipping, air, expedited, next day shipping, same day shipping, and even select for a variety of shipping companies. Your pricing can be fixed, free, contingent upon product weight, package sizes, purchase amount, or based on actual price quotes from shipping companies in real time.

Web Design Phoenix consultants can guide you with either establishing accounts with appropriate delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others. However complex or simple you would like your shipping rules to be, your e-commerce solution is equipped with the ability to calculate shipping charges and present this information to your customers. Order tracking numbers can be added to customer accounts to enable self tracking of delivery dates.

However simple or complex your shipping rules, a modern e-commerce website solution will tabulate and present this information to your customers before the final buying decision is made.

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Sales Tax Compliance
  • Local, state, national or international tax calculations
  • Fixed rules or real time integration
  • Consult with a tax expert or attorney
  • WDP can implement any tax rules for your e-commerce website

Web Design Phoenix e-commerce websites can be programmed to automatically draw from current tax codes and adjust in real time as policies change. Whether you’re selling to customers locally or around the world, Web Design Phoenix can help implement either fixed tax rules, statewide policies, or national and international tax calculations.

We work with out clients to ensure that tax regulations are considered appropriately and our e-commerce website and accommodate whatever tax regulations you are confronted with in your jurisdiction, industry or selling practices.

Of course, tax law can be complex and you should certainly consult with a tax attorney or tax expert before engaging in e-commerce, particularly across state and national borders. Our team is available to help streamline this process however you see fit.

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Recommended Products & Up-Selling Opportunities
  • Recommended products
  • Up Selling related products
  • Using social proof to attract more and larger purchases

The product information page is the final stage of product selection for your customers. This is the best opportunity to recommend related products, complementary products, or up sell other items in your shop that they might need. Perhaps they need batteries for a toy, or property sized nuts when they’re purchasing bolts. There is no better time to promote additional wares than at this stage of the buying process.

Our e-commerce websites are capable of showcasing related or suggested products however you see fit. This can be handled manually or via actual purchase data or product specifications. Our programmers can develop systems where customers are presenting with “Customers Also Purchased” rosters that serves up products most often purchased.

Depending on the nature of your business and the customers you have coming to your website, our e-commerce experts will consult with you on a strategy to help increase your average sales through recommendations and showcasing complementary products in your store. The use of social proof can be a powerful tool, when the customer learns that everyone else is purchasing product B when the buy product A.

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Online Customer Account Management
  • Manage customer profiles and accounts
  • Allow clients to view order history, tracking, and delivery dates
  • Customers can manage their own account information
  • Mass upload and export registered client information
  • Offer pricing and promotions to select customer groups
  • Brand loyalty, better user experience, and more business

Our e-commerce websites can be equipped with the highest level of customer account and back end client management systems. Assuming your company aims for repeat business and intends to offer your clients the best possible user experience, these features warrant consideration. Our e-commerce websites can accommodate the following:

• Customer account setup and secure storage of vital data

• Front end account management for all registered clients

• Front end or back end registration with manual or automatic approvals

• Front and back end order tracking including tracking numbers and ship dates

• Customer grouping and custom pricing or promotion programs

• Activity tracking, transaction logs, and preferred products both viewed and purchased

• Recommended products

• Mass upload and export of customer profile information

• Special offers, shipping policies, and other for select customer groups

Strong customer profile and account systems, implemented appropriately, allow for improved shopping experience, customer loyalty, increased automation and scalability, and greater customer satisfaction. Web Design Phoenix development experts will consult with you on best practices and how your e-commerce website will serve your business and customers best.

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