Product Categorization & Navigation

product categorization no longer needs to be “straight line”. Rather, the goal is to usher the user to the appropriate products

Secure Shopping Cart & Checkout

Trusted, streamlined checkout processes Transparency with company policies and pricing structures SSL encryption and proven security

Inventory Management & Tracking

Know which items are in inventory and which items may either be unavailable or back ordered. Inventories are updated in real time across all sales channels.

Clean E-Commerce Website Design

Custom tailored product presentation, Multiple images & image zoom functionality, Enable informed purchase decisions

Product Configuration Filters

Streamline user navigation & product selection, Unlimited configurations, Unlimited products, Intelligent filter menus

Shipping Integration & Tracking

Unlimited shipping rules and rate calculation Complete integration with major shipping carriers Real time shipping calculations.

Up-Selling & Related Products

Recommended products Up Selling related products Using social proof to attract more and larger purchases The product information

Customer Account Management

Manage customer profiles and accounts. Allow clients to view order history, tracking, and delivery dates. Customers can manage their own accounts